How to include teens and children in the 21 Day Mindfulness challenge

How to include teens and children in the 21 Day Mindfulness challenge:

I suggest inviting them to practice paying attention to 3 breaths with you daily, such as at bedtime or before meals. Also, invite them to do the Weekly Mindfulness challenge. For children, make it a game. With this week’s challenge, have fun practicing kind and mindful touches as well as the opposite. For example, have everyone do an activity like make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, make a shape with play dough, or wash hands that you’ve deliberately gotten dirty. First do it in a way that is rushed and careless, without kindness. It will probably be messy and they won’t take much pride in their efforts but they will have fun with it. Then have everyone do it again, this time with a kind, mindful touch. Talk about the difference with them. Their efforts will probably be of better quality, they will be aware of what they are doing, they might notice how it feels to be gentle and caring with their hands if they wash them or how much more they notice the object they are touching, like the playdough. Do this once or several times this week. For teens, you might have a brief discussion about the difference between doing things with love and care, like taking the time to write a thoughtful note to a friend versus quickly rushing through a chore and being careless. Then discuss where they suspect they might not use their hands in a mindful, caring way. Invite them to choose to use a kind touch when they undertake an activity this week, like brushing their hair, making their bed, handing someone an object or giving a family member a hug. Then later talk about their experiences and how they are different from their usual way of doing things. 

You may want to buy your own pack on Mindfulness On The Go cards, which I am using for the Weekly Mindfulness Challenge