Day 2 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 2 of the 21 Day Mindfulness challenge. Meditate for 15 minutes or sit with the following meditation by Tara Brach, a psychologist and Insight meditation teacher:

Meditation: Letting Go... Letting Be (16:57 min.) - Tara Brach

Letting Go... Letting Be - When we deeply let go and let be, our energy flows freely. We reconnect with our natural aliveness, love and awareness.

Day 1 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Day 1 of the 21 Day MIndfulness Challenge

Meditate with a timer for 15 minutes or meditate to a guided meditation, such as this one, featuring Jack Kornfield, a well known Insight meditation teacher and author. Post in the comments below when you've completed your challenge.

Breathing Meditation For Beginners By Jack Kornfield

This is a ten minute breathing meditation guided by Jack Kornfield.

21 Day Mindfulness Challenge Begins January 11

Welcome to the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge. Every day for the next 21 days we will meditate for at least 15 minutes. Each Sunday we will also have a Weekly Mindful Challenge to complete to bring mindfulness into daily life. Each day you can meditate to a timer or use a guided meditation. We will post one here to use or you can use one of your own choosing. Be sure to comment on the daily post when you complete your meditation. A simple "I did it" or "done" will do. While this event is happening on our Facebook page, it’s also here on the website for non Facebook users.

Register for this challenge for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. Go to the Class tab and find The 21 Day Challenge to register and see all the ways to earn entries for the gift card drawing. You can register anytime during January.